What happens in sessions and when will I see results?

What happens in sessions?

A typical hypnotherapy session is an hour long, and usually opens with a chat. So for example, in the first session we will chat about what you need help with and then some tailored hypnotherapy will follow. Subsequent sessions will focus on overcoming your problem, goal setting, NLP techniques and recognising progress made. Your programme of hypnotherapy sessions will be bespoke to your particular needs. This will all be done at your own pace and I will explain as much or as little about the process as you need every step of the way in my calm, informal and approachable manner.


In between sessions it’s a great idea to set some interim goals so that you can begin to adopt new ways of thinking and pick up new habits. You may only require one or two sessions of hypnotherapy especially if you are suffering from a phobia or wish to stop an unwanted habit - eating sugary foods, smoking or biting your nails. You will benefit from 4 to 6 sessions if your circumstances are a little more complex - weight control, fertility issues, anxiety.


When will I see results?

You may begin to notice a shift in your outlook during, after or between sessions. The changes in your mindset then lead to you beginning to make the long-term changes you are seeking - resulting in you feeling fully empowered when tackling the obstacle in your path and ultimately conquering it.

Of course, these changes can't become permanent unless you're fully committed to taking the steps required to make deep and lasting changes.  This means that you will be asked to work on your goal in between sessions, however, this activity is often driven by the hypnotherapy you will receive.  You should also be aware that hypnotherapy is  a not magic wand, as you will need to implement the changes you seek outside therapy sessions to fully achieve the most positive outcome.