Book a Free Consulation

If you're a eagle eyed kind of person, you may have noticed the lovely mauve and lavender clickable boxes dotted all over my site saying 'Find your calm path now'.  If you click on one of these, they'll take you to the same place - my booking page to schedule a free telephone consultation, aka an informal chat!  Once you've booked a call you are one step away from reaching your very own calm path.  The call will give us a chance to connect, and for you to tell me all about the issue that's been niggling you, and for me to listen and advise you about whether I will be able to help you.  In the unlikely event that I can't, I will do my very best to refer you to a therapist or an organisation who can.

To chat with me about how I could help you, call me on 07592387354 or book a call by clicking on the link below.