About Me

Hi, I’m Geraldine McGrath and I'd love to help you to feel better and live life to your highest potential.  On this page I'd like to tell you more about my specialism in anxiety management. It means that I can help you to tackle anxiety, boost your confidence and restore your peace of mind. You may have been experiencing this feeling for some time, maybe years, or this might be a very recent problem and you’ve got no idea how to deal with it. 




Struggling with anxiety?

Some of you will have been stuck on NHS waiting lists for months, waiting for counselling or other therapies. You may have already tried yoga, mindfulness and headspace, but they’ve never really worked for you. You’re now looking for a lasting solution to the spiral of anxiety, the continuous overthinking or worrying about things and the ongoing knot of nervousness in your stomach. You’ve searched high and low for something that remedies the anxiety and stops it from overtaking your body, appearing from nowhere and wreaking havoc on your life. You’re sick of cancelling plans at the last minute or avoiding certain situations, and you’re even feeling petrified about going out to the supermarket, especially being in a queue for the till. This makes you feel like you may have to abandon your trolley and bolt for the door at a moment’s notice!  Of course with a global pandemic around, this particular fear may have become more severe in recent months.


About hope and determination

Perhaps you don't realise how very strong you are. For example, you are determined to face anxiety head on. You wish to work through it, to try some highly effective techniques underpinned by research from neuroscience, and to come out the other side wiser and calmer. You are serious about taking care of your body, eating natural foods, rich in nutrients, and you also recognise the need to treat your mental health in a similar manner. 


How I can help you

I get it! I'm here to help you. With my expertise in anxiety management coupled with my 20 years working as an educator, I'll clearly explain the nature of anxiety, and what it's all about. We will also set to work on your bespoke hypnotherapy sessions which will be fully focused on you and your specific goals. This will allow me to provide a structured and solution focused therapy plan, as I know that you will want to make measurable progress. I'm an Anxiety UK approved Clinical Hypnotherapist, I'm accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and I'm registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register.


Imagine feeling fully supported in addressing your struggles with anxiety. Imagine feeling less flustered by wobbly limbs, palpitations and a lurching stomach. Imagine feeling in complete and utter control as you experience that unsettling feeling, and actually look forward to those anxious sensations suddenly appearing so that you can practice using the tools and techniques I will share with you.


If you want to:-


  • reduce your anxiety

  • regain control over your life

  • recognise how the nervous system actually works

  • realise why your anxiety switch has been tripped time and time again

  • reinforce and practice a range of tools and techniques for stopping anxiety in its tracks

If this is the outcome you are after then click the link below to arrange a chat.