Calm Path Hypnotherapy

Rise above limits, overcome anxieties and find your calm path.

Are you stressed and anxious or lacking in motivation and confidence?


Are you struggling with feeling stuck in a situation and you can’t move things on?


Perhaps you’re feeling increasingly frustrated about your personal life, career or health.


Wondering how you can make the changes your dream of?

I’m Geraldine a Clinical Hypnotherapist working online or in person, based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.  I can help you with a range of issues (scroll down for a full list) and I also specialise in anxiety. This means that I can support you in addressing, tackling and transforming those issues which are holding you back. You may have lived with something that has been niggling you for some time or perhaps you've seen your problem develop very recently and you’ve got no idea how to deal with it.


Let me boost your confidence and restore your peace of mind with my bespoke hypnotherapy services.

How I can help you

I get it and I'm here to help you. With my training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques coupled with my 20 years working as an educator, I can clearly explain why you feel so stuck, unmotivated and frustrated . We will set to work on your bespoke hypnotherapy sessions which will be fully focused on you and your specific goals. This will allow me to provide a structured and solution focused therapy plan, as I know that you will want to make measurable progress.


Imagine feeling fully supported in tackling that niggling issue consistently blocking your path.

Imagine overcoming it, experiencing a massive boost in confidence and living your optimum life.

Imagine feeling clearer, more motivated and ready to put your long held dreams into action.   


Hypnotherapy success

Hypnotherapy has shown to be successful in helping people with the following issues:


  • anxiety and

       panic attacks

  • stress

  • phobias

  • confidence issues

  • lack of motivation

  • phobias

  • sleep problems

  • weight control

  • fertility issues

  • hypnobirthing

  • fear of flying

  • exam stress

  • bad habits

  • IBS

  • unhelpful behaviour

  • pain management