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Rise above your limits.

I'm Geraldine, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of FB group Embracing Anxiety for Women.  I specialise in empowering smart, driven women to ease anxiety with confidence and without medication.

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Take back control of your life.

Sick of anxiety ruling your life? Suffering from troubling levels of it? Searching for a natural solution rather than medication? I will empower you to ease and embrace anxiety with aplomb and it

will rapidly become less and less of an issue for you.  Calm Path Hypnotherapy offers

a bespoke service for smart, driven women like you.


Have you been stuck on an NHS waiting list for months, for counselling or other therapies?

Do you feel let down by your local health services, and you're now looking for a lasting

solution to anxious ruminating, birth trauma or menopause mood swings?

 If you're yearning for calm and want to take back control of your life then

book a chat with me to discuss how we can best work together. 

Finding a calmer headspace sets you up forever.  It's the greatest gift you can give yourself!

        So how do you get from fear to freedom? How can you prevent those anxious thoughts from sabotaging you again and scuppering your plans? How can you start to feel better, turn a corner and thwart anxiety easily and confidently?

I know it seems like a mammoth task, yet overcoming anxiety can

be done with aplomb when you know how. I speak from experience.

Using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology, I empower you to embrace and overcome troubling anxiety gently and with ease.

How I can help


My story

Is anxiety limiting your life?  Maybe you've begun to avoid certain places or have done for years.  Are you getting more and more concerned about going out, socialising or fulfilling your daily routine?  Is that knot in your stomach becoming an unwelcome, permanent feature in your life?

I get it. I've been there.

I'm Geraldine and I'm an expert in embracing anxiety without medication, by helping you to move through it with ease and aplomb. If you wish to restore your peace of mind and release that anxiety, then get in touch and we can have a chat about your specific situation and how I can help .

With my training in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Dip CHH) and NLP techniques, as well as my 20 year background in teaching English, I possess an bucket loads of knowledge, skills and experience in bringing about outstanding results for others. You'll be met by my non-judgmental, approachable and calm listening ear.


I'm also an Anxiety UK approved therapist and founder of the Facebook group Embracing Anxiety for Women.  Consequently, I'm brimming with therapy tools to aid your recovery from anxiety and get you buzzing about life again!

Embracing Anxiety


Experience my empowering sessions in which you will come to ease, embrace and eliminate

troubling levels of anxiety calmly, gently and naturally.


A truly different approach to reprogramming your mind so that anxiety becomes less and less

of an issue. Tailored to you and your needs, as all of  the therapy I provide is client led.

6 - 8  sessions 

Embracing Motherhood

Struggling in pregnancy? Adjusting to becoming a mother?  Experienced a traumatic birth?


Matrescence is the journey of motherhood, and it is a monumental transformation which can

have a huge impact on your wellbeing. Take a proactive step

towards maternal calm in which I’ll guide you in attaining balance, perspective and tranquillity.

4 sessions

Embracing Menopause

Release your fear of perimenopause/ and menopause. Feel better and get relief from symptoms.

I'll support you to truly embrace the wisdom and experience of this transition with a whole heart,

practical strategies and a renewed outlook gained through the powerful impact of hypnotherapy.

6 sessions

Desire Path Programme 

Your dearest desire may be to achieve your dream job, meet the one or build your ideal future. 

I will design a highly personal and bespoke programme for you, which will assist you in materialising your very  own desire path towards your most cherished aspiration

and make it become reality.


Transforming Your Mind


“When I first began my sessions with Geraldine, my sleep was at its absolute worst, I felt awful and despite weeks of CBT and counselling, I could not switch my own head off! Three sessions with Geraldine and my sleep and anxiety issues are in the past and I feel like a different person. I found Geraldine to be a great listener, who really understood my issues and quickly got to root of the problem and helped me where other therapies hadn't been as successful. I can not recommend her services more! She is wonderful.”

Nicola, 37

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